ZeroC ice binding


i'm currently working on supporting ZeroC Ice from Rust. Basically cause i would like to use Rust in my company. I made good progress the last weeks already. But i would appreciate some comments from more experiences Rust developers as this is my first "bigger" project.

Looking forward to you comments

My first suggestion would be to avoid using workspaces, or at least put your main crate in the root workspace. Currently you've got a bit of a twisty maze just to find the code. The demo and the slice2rs could both be binary targets within the main ice crate, which would put all your code together in an expected at of locations.

My section suggestion would be to release on early. That makes your documentation available to reviewers, which is really convenient.

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Thanks. Kind of good point. I actually don't want the example in the crate package but I moved the slice2rs to the package and published an initial version.

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