Zemeroth v0.6: Renown, Upgrades, Sprite Frames, and Effect Icons

Hi, folks! I'm happy to announce Zemeroth v0.6 . Main features of this release are: renown and fighter upgrades, possessions, sprite frames and flips, and status effect icons.

Zemeroth is my hobby turn-based hexagonal tactics game written in Rust. You can download precompiled v0.6 binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS or play the online version on itch.io (should work on mobile browsers too).

Devlog Post: https://ozkriff.games/2019-09-21--devlog-zemeroth-v0-6

Video version:

Discussions of this release: /r/rust, twitter.

Why a new thread?

Sadly, I was inactive for too long and my previous Zemeroth thread is now autoclosed. :frowning:

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