Zemeroth - a 2D turn-based strategy game


Zemeroth is a minimalistic 2D turn-based hexagonal tactical game.


Zemeroth is based on GGEZ and good-web-game game engines.

The initial vision of the project is:

  • Random-based skirmish-level digital tabletop game;
  • Single player only;
  • 3-6 fighters under player’s control;
  • Short game session (under an hour) and small unscrollable maps;
  • Simple vector 2d graphics with just 3-5 sprites per unit;
  • Reaction attacks and action’s interruption;
  • Highly dynamic (lots of small unit moves as a side effect of other events);
  • Intentionally stupid and predictable AI;

Something in between of Banner Saga, Hoplite, Auro and Age of Decadence.


I will try to post medium-sized development updates to this thread: something in between of twitter and the devlog. It worked well for a similar thread in the Russian Rust forum that I’ve started after releasing v0.4.


Zemeroth v0.5

A few days ago I’ve released Zemeroth v0.5.
Main features of this release are:

  • migration to ggez
  • web version
  • itch.io page
  • campaign mode
  • AI improvements
  • visual updates
  • tests

Read the details in the devlog post:


nice work!

😮 so many visuals
  • blood splatter
  • smoke spread + fade
  • black fade when hit
  • bouncy walking
  • text fade + going up
  • attack slashes
  • shadows
  • status point indicators
  • grass :four_leaf_clover:

Turn-based games, especially the ones with static sprites, tend to look boring, so I try to use relatively simple effects to make Zemeroth look more interesting and alive. Some other similar visual effects are planned, like animated fire or swaying grass/bushes.

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