Yay. Rust works on my new Nvidia Jetson Nano!

Just sayin'

I guess I should not be surprised on the other hand I'm always amazed when a gazillion lines of Free and Open Source just works. It was never like that when I were a lad. Well done everybody.

Anyway the guys have this hare brained idea to add a camera and some object tracking to our latest sensor gizmo development. That demanded swapping to a whole new platform with a lot more grunt. So here I am happy and relieved that all my investment in Rust these last few months is still usable there without major headaches.

If anyone has any suggestions for getting into opencv, tensorflow and such in Rust that would be great. All this AI/deep learning stuff is alien to me. Seems all the young kids do it all in Python, eewe.


Python is your best bet probably (at least for training). All the DL libraries focus on Python as their main API. Under the hood it's all C++ and CUDA of course. Pytorch has C++ bindings too (just called libtorch), so that might be interesting for inference / deployment.

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