YaSerDe or xml-rs for XML prettyprinting?

I made a pullrequest on YaSerDe's repo about docs a SerDe-like XML (de)serialization crate.

YaSerDe seems to lack some way to output pretty-printed XML, as discussed with the author. I noticed that xml-rs (which YaSerDe uses under the hood) already claims that its writer output supports pretty-printing in the design.md document.

Can anybody guide me a bit through those two codebases and where would one implement derive Debug to effectively have {:#?} pretty-print XML?

Any explanation, suggestions, recommendations welcome! :slight_smile:


It turns out that the correct way to have a pretty output is using the default println! formatter... that is, {} instead of {:?} or {:#?}, which introduce a ton of scaping of double quotes and bad formatting.