Xbuild: Production ready UI on mobile/desktop

It's actually a combination of two projects xbuild and ffi-gen.

  • production ready rust gui solution based on flutter
  • zero setup mobile development
  • zero setup cross compilation (android, ios, macos, windows)
  • ios development without a mac
  • continuous deployment to play/app/microsoft stores (well this hasn't actually been built yet)
  • seamless ffi boundary crossing using ffi-gen, including support for futures/streams

To try it out on a supported host platform (linux, macos, windows) just run:

cargo install xbuild
x new helloworld
cd helloworld
x devices
x run --device DEVICE_ID

For more information visit GitHub - cloudpeers/xbuild: Cross compile rust to any platform


I really think this should be renamed. It's going to be incredibly confusing to have a GUI framework named X.

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after a lot of people complaining about it on reddit I renamed it to xbuild. It's not ideal as a cargo-xbuild already exists, but I haven't come up with a better name yet. I'd also love to hear about other things besides the name, like if you tried it, how the experience was and ultimately if you like it or would consider it for your next project.

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