Xargo config for Raspberry Pi

I'm learning to build a simple bare metal program (without Linux OS) for Raspberry Pi (gen 1).

However, I don't know how to setup the cross-compiler under the hood of xargo. There are docs on rust-cross about RPI 2 but not about RPI 1.

Is there some example how to do it? I've tried several existing repos on github but all failed to compile.


EDIT: When pass xargo --target armv6-none-eabi I get 'Could not find specification for target "armv6m-none-eabi"'. However, --target thumbv7m-none-eabi works for STM32 (CortexM arch)

The Luos project by Pollen Robotics has a setup guide that may be able to help you:


How did it go? Did the tutorial help? Or did you figure something else out?

Yes, LuOS helped me a lot. Though it's more targeted for micro-controllers like STM32. In the meantime I found this guide which worked for me.
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