Writing all panic messages to file

Good day, I would like to ask if you could give me an example of how to effectively write a panic message to a file? I would need it for my project because it will not be possible to write it in windows cmd there.

Judging from this link found in this SO question, both PowerShell and Windows CMD support the > redirection operator. The easiest solution would be to execute your program like this:

your_program.exe 2> file_with_error_message.txt

The 2> file_with_error_message.txt takes the stderr output from the previous command and writes it to file_with_error_message.txt.

EDIT: My bad, I didn't read your question properly. You aren't calling your program from CMD or PowerShell. You can use the catch_unwind function to programmatically catch panics, convert them into a Result, write it to file if it is an Err and only after that unwind your program. Be aware though that catch_unwind may not catch all panics.

Be also aware that an uncaught panic while inside a panic handler leads to an immediate abort, so for maximum reliability you need to think about a bit how to handle any I/O errors that may occur while logging the panic message.

Edit: note that there’s also std::panic::set_hook that is run whether or not panics are configured to be unwinding or not. The default hook is what is responsible for writing the standard message to stdout. You cannot stop a panic in a panic hook, unlike in catch_unwind, but as that’s not required in your use case, set_hook seems to be a good fit.

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problem is that my rust code is added to dll converted and added to my
old project so cmd not possible and catch unwind must be then added to
every function also hard to do that becauase there is many functions
already added

2023-01-07 14:46 GMT+01:00, Johannes Dahlström via The Rust
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