Writing a rdbms in rust

Quoting Fantastic Learning Resources under section "on larger programs"

Relational Database
Several components:

Storage engine, which stores data durably on disk and implements on-disk ordered data structures (B-tree or LSM)
Relational data model which is implemented on top of primitive ordered data structures.
Relational language to express schema and queries.
Either a TCP server to accept transactions as a database server, or an API for embedding for an in-processes “embedded” database.

Is there a good resource on building a rdbms in Rust ?

The BonsaiDb blog has some good info on some of the basic concepts. If you haven't looked into databases much before, the most accessible entry point I've found is the SQLite documentation. The page on the file format isn't a bad place to start

You may have better luck starting with a book oriented towards teaching database concepts, but I haven't had any experience with those so I can't recommend any specifically.

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I've had this series of blogs in my reading list for a while.

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