Write the NSIS plug-in using Rust


use std::os::raw::c_double;

pub unsafe extern fn hello(value1: c_double, value2: c_double) -> c_double {
  return value1 + value2

nsis script

// It has not been performed correctly using this approach
my_dll::hello 100 200
pop $0
pop $1
pop $2
MessageBox MB_OK "returns:$0"      // result is 100,   But I expected 300
MessageBox MB_OK "returns:$1"      // result is 200,   But I expected null value
MessageBox MB_OK "returns:$2"      // result is null value

nsis script

// This is the right way to use it
StrCpy $0 100
StrCpy $1 2
StrCpy $2 ""
System::Call "C:\Users\dddddd\AppData\Local\electron-builder\Cache\nsis\nsis-\Plugins\x86-unicode\test_dll::hello(i, i) i(r0, r1).r2"
MessageBox MB_OK "returns:$2"              //  result is 102,  correctly 

But I want to use the first NSIS script, Help me !

Help me

What calling convention does NSIS expect in the first place? It seems like a mismatch between the calling convention NSIS expects and what the default C calling convention is on your platform. By the way for which platform are you compiling (os and cpu arch)

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