Worries about tech always being political statement by Rust team

I'm sure this will be a controversial post, but I wanted to share some worries that I am hoping someone in the rust community can address.

I want to first say I am very much in support of inclusion and I am really happy to see that the rust core team is trying to make sure the community is inclusive, but I am worried a bit about the phrasing that has been used.

Not "inclusive" or "open-minded" but political.

Politics is "us vs them" and it always has been, and it makes me worried about exclusion in the future.

Its easy to right that off as needless worry since most people in the tech community are on the side of inclusion and think they always will be, but remember that politics changes rapidly.

As an example, many people in tech (at least in my experience) put intense christians as being a bad group because they don't support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community (among other things). Some in the Rust community might consider it good politics to keep those people from speaking at conferences or playing a role in Rust. What happens if in 5 years the tide turns against another group? There are many religious groups that have beliefs that are against many western rights.

I get nervous because I don't like the idea that contributing to rust or being in this community is entirely dependent on what politics throws at the world next.

Its easy to say "don't be part of a bad group" but a decade ago someone who was in the military or police would not be considered bad, but now I bet people would be hesitant to have a former police person speak at a rust conference.

Again, maybe I am misunderstanding, I just get nervous as a non-USA minority when people start to attach political missions to things. I mean in America there was a time when being communist in either party would mark you as evil.


I tried to keep a thread like this open last year, and it turned into a dumpster fire in just a couple days despite trying to actively moderate it. So with that experience in mind, I'm going to lock this.

To respond to your concern, if you suspect folks are being excluded from Rust spaces for, say, being associated with law enforcement (or similar), then please email the moderation team and we'll investigate.