World's First Private Cargo Registry (Rust 1.34+)

Unless you've been following developments in Rust recently, you may or may not have realised that Rust 1.34 [1] introduced the ability to point Cargo (the Rust package manager) at your own private registry, either self-hosted or managed.

This is really exciting for anyone looking to privately develop or distribute Rust crates (packaged libraries), or to mirror some portion of for other reasons (e.g. availability, isolation, modification of public crates, etc.). So how about an implementation for one?

You can read all about the world's first private Cargo registry service here:

The article will take you through a brief introduction to Rust and Cargo, with a quick guide to packaging a crate for pushing/pulling it from a public or private registry; plus why you might want to do that. Let us know your thoughts!

[1]: Rust 1.34: Announcing Rust 1.34.0 | Rust Blog


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