Workspace intercrate dependencies how to

I have just converted my project from a single crate to two crates.

The project, GitHub - phillord/horned-owl, now has too crates -- horned-owl which is a library and horned-bin which are some command line utilities. -bin depends on -owl. I have been using cargo-release to manage releases.

I have managed the interdependency by having a path version in the horned-bin point to horned-owl. That seems sensible, because I want the binary crate to depending on the development version of the library. But, cargo-release won't let me release it like this because the release version of -bin needs to depend on the a published version of -owl.

Is the only solution to change the dependency in -owl to the release version in the release commit and then back again for the next iteration? Or am I just doing it all wrong?

I believe you can simply specify both path and version and cargo will use the path when you build the workspace normally, and use the version when you release.

Thank you! That's a very simple solution to the problem!

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