Win32com (OLE) in Rust

Hi, how can I use win32com (formally known as OLE) in Rust?

In Python it is relatively simple. I can run It shows me all available interfaces and automatically generates a module with all constants and classes. I just need to import it.

Is there something similar for Rust?

Most everything Windows is supported by the appropriately named windows crate.

I've definitely seen support for a lot of the OLE stuff, but I'm not sure exactly how much: for example I don't know if it supports dual interfaces or that sort of thing.

It does support defining new and implementing existing interfaces, though I think they still need a nightly compiler to enable some blocking features: I haven't needed that yet.

Be sure to search the full docs (too big for to find the API and see what module it's in and what features of the crate you need to enable, it's often surprising.

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