Will this get optimized away during [release] mode?

debug_assert!(self.store.insert(id, PacketRouteSubstore { exp, no_exp }).is_none());

To play it safe, I could just do:

let res = self.store.insert(id, PacketRouteSubstore { exp, no_exp }).is_none();

However, the first snippet of code looks nicer. Unfortunately, i do not know if it will get omitted during release mode. Don't all debug_asserts! get ignored for release mode?


#[stable(feature = "rust1", since = "1.0.0")]
macro_rules! debug_assert {
    ($($arg:tt)*) => (if cfg!(debug_assertions) { assert!($($arg)*); })

Compiler will happily optimize out the if false {...} block.

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Oh, everything disappears then

So snippet 2 is what I should aim for then

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