Will Rust update its release cycle to 4 weeks to match Firefox?

I think I remember rust originally having a 6-weeks release cycle to match firefox.

Now that Firefox is on a 4-weeks cycle, is there any plan to change that?

This was briefly discussed on discord #release, but we have no such plans.

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As it is, since 3 * 4 = 2 * 6, Rust release cycles will synchronize with Firefox release cycles every second Rust release. 12 weeks from Nightly to Stable is quite rapid; there's no need to decrease the amount of testing that occurs during such progressions by reducing the interval to 8 weeks.

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Even if Firefox uses rust components, there's no need to fully lock down releases for both.


This is good. It means that any Rust crate used in Firefox will ensure it supports at least two releases of Rust back.

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