Will i18n-embed crate work with esp-idf?

Hi, I have a pretty big project that I made with esp-idf-svc, and I need to translate some of the text inside this project, but implementing something to this program would take a very long time, so I wanted to ask if i18n-embed crate will work on embedded systems ? (I know it has it in the name, but It's not so clear to me that it will work because I couldn't find any examples).

Looking at it, it seems to be a about embedding translations in your desktop program. And has nothing to do with embedded systems.

However since esp with idf is a std target you might be able to get it to work. Do let us know if it works out or not.

I don't know of anything specific for embedded, but depending on your needs something fairly simplistic might work (e.g. you could get away without plural form support and have a simple (id, lang) -> message mapping.

We use that in C++ at work, since all we need are fixed labels and error messages. (E.g. We have "some setting name: " in the GUI). For embedded structuring your program this way is probably the best bet. In our case we use real time Linux, so we simply load the selected language from a file on disk and place the strings in a vec. For embedded you probably want to do that a bit different.

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