Will Async programming be as simple and user friendly in rust as it is in, say, python

As the title says, will Rust’s async programming be as simple and user friendly in rust as it is python.

The async frameworks like tokio, tarpc all have their own executors… which make them tightly coupled with their runtime. It is difficult to combine and use two async crates together.

On the other hand, I am a super-novice python programmer (I am a Java developer who likes Rust very much)… But I was still able to manage to understand and actually use async libs to write non-trivial code.

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In general, it won’t. Some people may still find Rust easier for some areas, e.g. large programs where strict type system is more helpful, or ease of use of Cargo, or when writing for environment where Python doesn’t work well (e.g. embedded or very high-performance).

Rust’s async is supposed to be relatively easy for the level of performance, low-level control, and safety that it offers. However, Python allows itself more flexibility and user-friendliness at the cost of performance and working on higher-level.


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