Will - 2.5D moddable action game

Will is a 2.5D moddable action game, built using the Amethyst game engine.

The project vision is to create a game that is:

  • fun :crossed_swords:
  • moddable :art:
  • gets younger people interested in creating something on the computer


Haven't decided on whether to make the code open source yet, but sometimes the code leaks into the Amethyst repo. Let me know if you want to be added to the "people to email" if/when it is open source.

Took the post format from @ozkriff's Zemeroth - a 2D turn-based strategy game, hope you don't mind!


Can you say anything about how the sound effects are generated? They sound like they’re procedurally generated rather than wav files. If so, does the code work on wasm32 and is it open source anywhere? :slight_smile:

It’s actually wav files :headphones: :slightly_smiling_face:, for the menus I used a digital piano1, and for the hits I just hit my hands near my laptop mic. Then used audacity to remove noise and shorten some sounds.

1 fun fact, you can connect the audio out into the mic-in of a laptop – just turn the volume way, way down


2019-07-05 update:


2019-08-16 update:

(best viewed at full size -- the 3px charging bar doesn't survive compression)