Wiki software in Rust?

Rust has a huge problem. A game with the same name. Sometimes you get more results for the game than for the language.

I'm searching for something like Media wiki, but written is Rust. But I only find game related stuff.

Does something like this exist?

A wiki page is not a good documentation tool for programming languages imho. That's why you don't find software development related resources in such pages.

I don't look for Dokumentation. I want to host a wiki page. And I want to use a Rust software instead of PHP, Pearl or Java software.

There's Sausagewiki, but I'm not sure if it's actively maintained.

mdbook is not a wiki per-se but it is the platform that's used to host Rust's guides/books

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When you get "rust the game" search results try replacing "rust" in the search with "rustlang". That has worked many times for me.


Yeah, I'll second that: rustlang or adding both rust and lang helps a lot in my experience.

Anyway, back to developing my new language called Call of Duty.


My cross-platform language will be called Portal.


I'm kind of torn between making a game called C++ or a language called Tetris. Only have so much free time you know, or I would do one in the other.


The only one I could find is smeagol-wiki.

When I was in grad school, I tried to find a book on C++ in the university library. Fortunately, the library had an electronic catalogue that was well-index by keywords.

So I went to the catalogue and typed "C++".

The catalogue first stripped the "++".

Then it made a very long list of all keywords that started with "c".

Then it made an even longer list of all books that matched at least one of the keywords.

It was unfeasible to read the whole list, and skimming through the first pages, I could see all kinds of books, but nothing remotely related to C++.

I decided to search for "Perl" instead, which led me to the part of the open magazine where the programming languages were, and there I found a book on C++.


Search for "C String", I dare you :laughing:

But I think there are no really usable projects for my purpose. But thanks for your help

I guess the purpose of the Tetris programming language would be to have as few lines of code as possible?


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