Wifi direct crate/lib in Rust/C++

Are there any C++ lib or Rust crate that allow developer to create and broadcast WiFi direct connection. This crate/lib will also allow devices to connect to the device broadcasting The network

Which platform are you targeting? There are no cross-platform abstractions for this AFAIK.

Is it possible I get implementation for windows Mac and Linux,

Individual implementation since there are no cross platform

For windows I found this sample from microsoft: Wi-Fi Direct sample - Code Samples | Microsoft Docs For macOS I found conflicting information about if wifi direct is supported in the first place. As for Linux it depends on if NetworkManager is used for managing network connections or not. For NetworkManager it seems you can create a new connection of type wifi-p2p using eg nmcli (the NetworkManager cli tool) or it's dbus interface. I couldn't really find all that much info though. If NetworkManager is not used, you need sudo permission and write system config files, which your users probably won't like.

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