Why Rust developers choose hard and low level syntax ? What was hurdle to make easy syntax?

I got thinking. Rust a new programming language. Why they choose rust syntax very hard to read and very slow productivity?

Like that another programming language Julia which is as fast as C and as simple as Python. If this is possible why rust didnt thought of making syntax as easy as python and as low level as possible?

I need help.
What are things can i do after learning RUST?

For me, Rust syntax is easy to read and I'm very productive in it. It's largely a personal preference. Surely, the Rust developers didn't go "Oh, let's intentionally make this language hard to use for everyone!"…

The hard part of Rust is not the syntax. It's getting used to the fact that you can't get away with all sorts of sloppiness that other languages usually allow you to get away with.

"Rust" by itself isn't "hard" – it is writing correct programs that is hard.


I think the first part of this question is unlikely to lead anywhere productive. Many people find Rust's syntax pleasant and readable and are productive with it. Beyond that there's not much substantive to argue over.

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