Why is "AccessDenied" for certain crates on crates.io?


I'm getting "AccessDenied" errors when trying to download a few crates from
crates.io (shown below). Other versions of these crates download fine. Have
these crates been intentionally blacklisted for some reason? If so, is there
someplace that documents which crates have been removed from crates.io and why?

For example, access is denied for this crate:

Whereas this one can be downloaded:

These versions all fail with "AccessDenied" errors:

  • deploy-0.1.0.crate
  • deploy-0.1.1.crate
  • deploy-0.1.2.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.1.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.2.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.3.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.4.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.5.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.6.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.7.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.0.8.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.1.0.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.1.1.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.1.2.crate
  • glib-2-0-sys-0.2.0.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.2.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.3.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.4.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.5.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.6.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.7.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.8.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.0.9.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.1.0.crate
  • gobject-2-0-sys-0.2.0.crate

Michael Henry

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This has been noticed a couple of times before, see the following issues for more details:



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