Why does str::strip_prefix() returns an Option?

Hey, I have a Vec<PathBuf>, where some PathBufs can start with "./" prefix. I tried to iterate them like this, but realized it would not work:

let infiles: Vec<PathBuf> = ...
let to_edit = infiles
    .map(|inf| inf.strip_prefix("./").to_string_lossy())

To make it work, I had to rewrite it like this:

let infiles: Vec<PathBuf> = ...
let to_edit = infiles
    .map(|inf| {
        if inf.starts_with("./") {
        } else {

So, I have two questions:

  1. Is there a more elegant way to write that snippet?
  2. Do you see a good reason for str::strip_prefix() to return an Option<&'a str> instead of returning &'a str? I see it causing inconvenience, but what is the benefit?

Is same as:


Path::strip_prefix() fails if the original path doesn't starts with given prefix.


That is very elegant, thank you!

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