Why do we have std::io::Write::by_ref?

I was browsing through the docs of Write and Read traits and I noticed that they have by_ref(&mut self) -> &mut Self.
This looks like identity function but I'm sure there must be a reason it is there :smiley:
Could anyone give some examples where this would be useful?

Yes, writer.by_ref() is just an alternative way to write &mut writer. For example:

BufWriter::new(&mut file)

is equivalent to


There aren't many cases where this is useful for the Write trait. It's more useful for traits like Read and Iterator, which also have their own by_ref methods. In those cases, it allows code like this:

let header_reader = (&mut reader).take(HEADER_SIZE);

let item = (&mut iterator).nth(5);

to be written using "method chain" syntax, which can be more readable in many cases:

let header_reader = reader.by_ref().take(HEADER_SIZE);

let item = iterator.by_ref().nth(5);

Unlike those traits, Write doesn't have any adaptors or methods that consume self, so this is rarely necessary. (All of the standard Write methods already take &mut self.)

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