Why do I need to 'use std::io::prelude::*' to use BufReader.read_line?

Why do I need use std::io::prelude::* to use BufReader.read_line? I'm looking at the example in the BufReader documentation.

Also, I thought the prelude is automatically included?

The only prelude that is automatically included is the main std prelude, nothing else. std::io::prelude is a normal module with nothing special going on, but it follows a common pattern in larger modules/crates to put the most common parts in a module named prelude for ease of use. You could use std::io::{BufRead, BufReader}; manually to use BufReader::read_line, but importing everything from prelude is simpler.

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Cool thanks

Just to clarify for myself, BufReader implements the trait BufRead and the read_line method is defined in the BufRead trait. So if we want to use the method from the trait we have to import the trait.


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