Why Closure can be converted into js Function in wasm?

Hi, i am writting a wasm program, the code below confused me:

use wasm_bindgen::{prelude::Closure, JsCast};
use web_sys;
fn fn() {
    let f = Closure::wrap(Box::new(move || {
    }) as Box<dyn Fn()>);
    let f_ = f.as_ref().unchecked_ref();

    let div = web_sys::window()

The set_onclick method of web_sys::HtmlElement accept a parameter with type Option(&js_sys::Function). From the example of wasm_bindgen book, i know that you can create a closure, and then useas_ref().unchecked_ref()` to convert the closure you created into a function reference with type js_sys::Function.
The example link is here: web-sys: Closures - The `wasm-bindgen` Guide
Why this can be done? I digged into the source code of Closure and js_sys::Function, but still don't know why.

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