Why can't Vec<T> implement Default when T isn't Default

As the title says:

Why can't Vec<T> implement Default when T isn't Default? After all, it can return Vec::new() which is available for non-default types too.

Is there an implementation issue or something else?

It actually does implement Default for any T.


Just hazarding a guess -- if you're try to derive(Default) on some struct Foo<T> containing a Vec<T>, the derivation will add that T: Default requirement. This happens just for being a type parameter, not because of the vector.


Oh. You're right. It's when I use #[derive(Default)] it doesn't implement it.

There's a long-standing issue on this point:

The last comment right now points to an alternative derive(SmartDefault) that you might like:


The derive(Default) macro is broken in that regard. All type parameters have to be Default for it to work, even when they aren't actually needed for construction.


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