Who doesn't the installer add rust to PATH anymore?


When I tried a Rust beta earlier the installer added rust\bin to PATH. But now when I uninstalled the beta and installed 1.0.0 stable instead the installer no longer adds rust to PATH. Is there some reason it no longer does this?


What platform are you on (Windows, Linux, OSX?) If you are on Windows, did you try opening a new/fresh Command Prompt?


This is on Windows. Re-opening PowerShell was the first thing I did. I also inspected the PATH environment variable, and Rust was missing.


You may need to log off for the changes to take effect.


Also maybe take a look here: Powershell and "$ rustc" command :(


Yes, Rust installer for Windows does not add it to the PATH by default. You can change this by going through the “Advanced” installation sequence.
As for why: if you have multiple versions of Rust installed at the same time (nightly, beta, stable, 32-bit, 64-bit), they end up fighting each other for PATH precedence.


Is that even possible? The last time I tried, the first thing the installer did was unilaterally remove the existing install.

Also, just to note: if you use the exe installer, you don’t need to go into advanced anything; whether to add to PATH or not is simply a checkbox on the final page of the installer.


Exe installer is no more.
And yes, the msi installer allows different release channels to be installed side-by-side.


FYI the exe installer is still available and a lot of CI scripts rely on it.



Looks pretty existent to me. :slight_smile:


Okay, okay, it’s still being built, but it is deprecated.


I suppose that makes sense. But the Rust book seems to be written assuming that rustc and cargo will be in the PATH.


I fell victim to this. Didn’t notice a checkbox but I’m blaming myself. A note in the book would be nice. Excited to give it a spin.