Who does also feel the pain of mail parsing?


I am currently in the situation that I want to parse emails in my codebase. Or rather: I need a library that parses mail for me (and one that can be used to generate mails, but that's surprisingly not that much of a problem).

Don't be mistaken, there's mailparse and it is great although it is rather low-level. But there is also mail, lettre and even the meli project, which hand-implements a parser for mails in its codebase and also a few other mail related crates.

What is missing is a high-level library (API) where I can just dump in my String and get a Mail object back that I can ask things. email in combination with email_format looks rather promising, but I did not yet have a closer look. (Anyone?)

I contacted (one of) the author(s) of the "mail" crate and talked a bit to them, ... they explained to me some of the issues they faced and the experiences they made... now I see that mail parsing or generating is not as much of a clusterfuck as I thought... no... it is waaay worse. :face_vomiting:

Who else does feel my pain, and what can we do about it? Can we join efforts with all those mail crates and create one single point of truth for the rust ecosystem? Would this even be a good idea?

Thoughts and opinions warmheartedly welcome! :heart:


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[mod note: Let's keep this thread focused on coordinating efforts on mail parsing APIs.]

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I'm using lettre and lettre_email in my simple email client mailmodel. It is fast and simple to parse thousands of mails.