Which URLs need to be whitelisted for cargo crates.io in corporate artifactory setup

we have whitelisted index.crates.io and crates.io in our artifactory for remote repo. However I am still getting an issue for forbidden 403 error when i try to pull crates from remote repo.

we have configured cargo repo in sparse indexing manner.

Any other URLs or anything else need to be whitelisted, please let me know

AFAIK the .crate files containing the compressed source of the crates that are downloaded by Cargo are hosted on static.crates.io, so I'd try and whitelist that one as well.

Okay thank you. I will check it out.

@jofas Looks like its not an issue even if we don't whitelist "static.crates.io" as we whitelisted crates.io , index.crates.io. we had given read and deploy access to the remote repo for myself. Same setup is working in DEV but not working in PROD artifactory. Any advice on this will be appreciated

You should probably send a mail to the responsible team in your org. They'll be able to do it directly. Prod probably isn't on the same network as dev.

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