Which tools do the servo developers use?


Hello folks,

I am very interested in in the question which tools the servo developers are using.

Which editors do they use? Which tools do they use for debugging and furthermore, do they use most of the tools for c programming too?


I’m a Servo developer. Most of my development is under Linux. I personally use Vim for editing, gdb and rr for debugging, and perf for profiling.


I appreciate answer. I have questioned, because as a computer engineering student, I wanted to hear some information from real developers doing bleeding-edge stuff.


I am also a Servo developer, and I live in emacs for editing, gdb/lldb/rr for debugging, and Instruments.app for profiling.


Can you recommend the use of emacs evil mode, for emacs beginner? Should I use spacemacs?




Instruments.app for profiling mostly; sometimes perf.

lldb for simple bugs, rr for hard ones.

Emacs + rust-mode.

servo/rust-bindgen for FFI bindings generation.

creduce when hacking on bindgen itself :heart: :heart: :heart: