Which is the best way to embedded V8 engine in my rust program

Here are some crates I have found.

deno_core uses v8, also.

Yes, but it seems not very easy to directly use deno_core

I think a really important question is: how many of these do you want running concurrently ?

I did some benchmarks (do not have them right now) and realized they were all insanely expensive compared to Erlang / wasmtime.

My purpose is just running them in a single thread, and I hope them to be high performance.

Does expensive mean it's expensive to communicate with javascript ?

IIRC, I was trying to benchmark:

  • how much memory per JS "container"
  • how long does it take to startup a JS "container"

I no longer have the code locally, but there's some code in the posts there.

I never got as far as benchmarking Rust/JS performance or JS v8 JIT performance.

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