Which embedded sandboxed easy scripting language


I want to create a Rust application that will execute recipes, which would be simple scripts. Starlark sounded ideal for my use case, but my attempts to use GitHub - facebook/starlark-rust: A Rust implementation of the Starlark language are not getting very far (having issues defining methods on types).

It would be nice if I could sandbox tightly the recipes (e.g. safe stdlib + only calling types/functions I provide explicitly). Starlark is nice because there's nice tooling for it, and Python is easy.

Suggestions? (Examples of complex starlark-rust would also work. The most prominent example I could find is Ditch Starlark for Python? · Issue #444 · indygreg/PyOxidizer · GitHub , but it's stuck in an ancient version of starlark-rust, and they're considering ditching it.)