Which audio/synthesis library is recommended to be combined with nannou?


I want to write interactive audio-visual installations. I come from a background of max/msp and pure data, but also have programming experience in Java. In the last few months I dabbled in Processing, some Game Engines, Cinder and finally nannou. Nannou seems like the thing best suited for what I want from a programming-language standpoint. However, the audio aspect of my installations is a very important part for me and for that I would prefer a synthesizer/audio api that allows me to do in text what I used to do in max: Connect generators/effect-processors provided by the api with self-coded algorithms to construct interactive generative soundscapes. Nannou seems to have only very rudimentary audio support on itself, so I am looking for something to combine it with. Since audio and video are supposed to be very interconnected and exchange multiple values constantly, just exchanging OSC does not seem like the best option (in that case I would also need to have them sending/receiving OSC to each other while receiving OSC data from external controllers).

Can anyone recommend me an audio/synthesis library to combine with nannou?

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