Which ARM are fully supported by Rust?

It is currently difficult to get STM32, so I want to look for alternatives like ATSAMD.

I want to build a keyboard, so USB is necessary.

Which ARM families are currently supported by Rust? (Yes, I know. All ARM (cores) are supported, but the peripherals should be supported too)

If you want a HAL, then ATSAMD has fairly good support to my knowledge, and so do the nRF chips (USB support is currently being worked on).

I'm not aware of any HAL that offers 100% coverage of all peripherals though.

If you're fine with manipulating the registers yourself, then most chips with an SVD file should work, as long as they are ""conventional"" and don't have a cursed memory layout or something else that the cortex-m(-rt) crates don't handle (although you can always fork those crates).

Yes, HAL and USB Support ist recommend.

Any other ARM that worth to look at?

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