Which Argon2 crate?

I'm writing a web application that will use Argon2 for user passwords, but I don't know which crate to use, I decide primarily between argon2 and rust-argon2. Argon2 seems to have more active support, rust-argon2 is much more used. Which one should I use?

This is the basic strategy I use for such situations:

  1. Browse the project's PR's and see if there are any immediate warning flags.
  2. (If applicable) sync vs async support
  3. Check my other dependencies; is one preferred among them?
  4. If none of the first steps yield a definite answer, I look at the crates' API's and see if there's one I prefer.

If all else fails, just flip a coin -- you can always change later if you discover you made the wrong choice.

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