Where would Rust take me?

I want to learn Rust, but I don't know where will it take me? What are the possibilities in the future? Will this language stay relevant in the future? What are the opportunities?

Why do you want to learn rust? That’s really the only question that matters

I want to stick to a low level language, but also my financial condition is not so well thus I want to earn some buck as well. I heard about Rust and I very much loved the concept of it.

The “problem” with Rust is that it's easier to learn than C++. Which means there are actually very few junior vacancies: it's just easier to take existing guys with knowledge of other languages and teach them some Rust, then add one expensive senior to the team and then bam: done.

This makes it less suitable if your goal is to find a job: even if the language is growing rapidly the only vacancies you see are for seniors.

Great, do learn Rust. It's has a lot to offer over pretty much any existing programming language and is very fun and interesting to learn and use.

Nobody knows the future of course but my feeling is Rust is not going away anytime soon and as far as I can see is attracting a lot of new users, in evermore application areas all the time. Mozilla, Cloudflare, Microsoft, Docker, the Linux kernel, Kubernetes, Containerd, Googles Fuchsia OS, Oxide Computer Systems, Renault, have all reported using Rust with positive results.

I was convinced of this four years ago on discovering Rust, so much so that our little four man startup has grown on it since. Recently we have hooked up with other little startups in the vicinity, Finland, that are building themselves on Rust.

Where will it take you? I guess that depends on where you are starting from and what you are prepared to do to get somewhere else. Both physically and interns of your programming experience, education and interests.

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I also feel there's some benefit for learning Rust in how it forces you to think about ownership and borrowing.
Learning the patterns that the compiler rejects and how to fix them can help inform the use of similar safe patterns in other languages (where the compiler is unable to help you as much as rustc)