Where to publish rust application?

It seems like (and maybe I am wrong) that crates.io is for publishing rust libraries (aka crates) that are to be consumed by other rust projects.

I have application written in rust that I would like to share. Where do I publish applications?


  1. you can distribute binary crates on crates.io.
  2. however, most people don’t have rust toolchains installed, and if you want non-rust-developers to use your application, I very strongly recommend producing your own compiled executable distributions and distributing via whatever channels you think will give you the biggest audience. A lot of times, this just ends up being zip files on GitHub Releases.
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@radix . Thank you.

Binary crates on crates.io are still compiled from source, so they require users to have Rust installed.

The packaging for consumption is somewhat shaky in Rust:

  • For Debian, I use cargo-deb. dpkg -i *.deb installs.
  • For macOS:
    • a bare binary is OK for command-line executables. If you use C libraries, make sure to compile them statically. otool -L exe to check if it’ll work on not-your-machine.
    • if the project is over a month old, someone may be nice enough to package it for Homebrew.
  • For Windows, a static exe is OK-ish too, but for the first month or so it’ll get blocked as a potential virus, unless you digitally sign it, but that takes like 7 wasted weekends to get working, and then it’ll still be marked a potential virus for the first month.

Fortunately this is just a general issue with Windows being paranoid and nothing specific to Rust.

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