Where to find STM32F3DISCOVERY in Canada/US

Has anyone been able to source a STM32F3DISCOVERY board from Canada/US recently? I can't find any in stock and a bit nervous to provide CreditCard info to foreign sites.


A very brief search with Google turned up the STM32F3348-DISCO from DigiKey. Other sources were listed as well.

Thanks for reply @TomP I did see that board as linked, but thought it was "different" from the one I've seen elsewhere (including the embedded book). This is the one I thought I should get: https://www.digikey.com/short/zfbv27 . But when added to my cart they are backordered.

I'll try a bit more googling tomorrow also.

The other big distributor is mouser:

I do not exactly know, what "on order" means, but I think they have it in stock in an other country, so they can send it quite fast. Maybe you should ask mouser.

Thanks @trembel I ended up placing an order w/ mouser, where the product is said to be "in-transit" but no ETA. I'll hope sooner than later. Cheers.

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