Where can I have my code reviewed?

I'm currently learning Rust, and an important part of that is to get people who know what they're talking about to look at my code. When learning C++, I found this feedback to be vital even on only a few programs since it quickly pointed out some obvious errors that I was making, but would have taken a long time to catch had they not been pointed out. I tried posting one of my practice programs to Stack Exchange's code review, but several weeks later no one has responded, probably because Rust has unfortunately not reached a big level of popularity yet so there were no qualified and interested people seeing that question. As such, I ask: where can I put my short programs (<500 lines, ~100 lines average) to get them reviewed by someone who knows what they're talking about?

Without relying on any humans, you can get code reviewed by clippy:

cargo clippy
cargo clippy -- -W clippy::pedantic

(you may need to run rustup component add clippy first)

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You can post them here, I'd love to help, and I'm sure others here would as well


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