Where can I find the library of gio::AppInfo 's flieds or details?

I am interested in learning more about the library of gio such as gio::AppInfo and find the link to the official gio documentation page for AppInfo: AppInfo in gio - Rust. but It seems do not offer the informations about its fields, where can I find its details?"

the document is for the rust bindings only, which isn't very helpful if you are not familiar with gtk/gio/glib already. you should search for the documentation for gtk. in this particular case, it's GAppInfo, which is not a struct but an interface, so it's probably not what you are looking for.

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Thanks for your reply! the reference of docs.gtk.org is what I want!!!

just in case you are new to gtk-rs, for glib interfaces like GAppInfo, the corresponding rust binding AppInfo is just a marker type for the trait IsA, and you can find the concrete glib classes that implement the interface by looking at the "trait implementor" section at the sidebar, for example, for AppInfo, the trait IsA<AppInfo> is implemented by DesktopAppInfo:

to call the virtual methods of the interface, the rust binding generates extension traits for you, in this case, it's AppInfoExt and AppInfoExtManual. you can also look them up from the sidebar, under the blanket implementations sections. (there are a whole lot of blanket implementations though, due to the OO inheritance hierarchy)

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