Where can I check the status of all the RFCs?

Hi, I was wondering if there's a place where I can check what RFCs are in review, which ones have been accepted and implemented, and which ones have been accepted but not implemented yet.

Is there something like the swift evolution page maybe?

The RFC Book includes the tracking issue number for each RFC, where you can check the status. For a single-page reference, it links to https://rfcbot.rs/ , but that looks more like a list of recent RFC changes.


Be careful when reading accepted RFCs, because changes can happen during implementation or future RFCs can obsolete the original description.

#2115 (in-band lifetimes) is an RFC that was accepted a few years ago and has even been implemented, but between being partially stabilized, concurrent language changes, and objections that have been raised since then, it's unlikely (IMO) to be fully stabilized with the language as it is today.


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