When using BigUnit modpow methods, What can we do if we don't want to operate mod?

I've found that BigUnit type only has modpow methods, but if I only want to let a^b, not a^b mod c. What can we do?
As far as I know, in Go. we can:

new(big.Int).Exp(big.NewInt(2), big.NewInt(100), nil)

But in Rust, what can we do? I can't find any solutions

use num_primes::{BigUint, Generator};
let a = Generator::new_uint(5);
a.modpow(&BigUint::new(vec![2]), ??));

It seems like num_primes depends on an old version of num-bigint. In the newest version of that crate, there's a BigUint::pow method.

Thanks for the reply!
I was using num_primes because I also want to use i.e. Generator::new_prime(512); to generate a prime number of n-bits But seems like the num_bigint crate doesn't provide this kind of method?

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