When Rust will launch Official IDE?

Can anyone know the official release of RUST IDE with full feature support ?

I think there will be no official IDE for Rust.
If you mean https://github.com/oakes/SolidOak, than is the only thing that i can say "Hey that's NVim !".
And in my opinion there should no one create a official IDE, because it will be so difficult for some beginners to learn the language and it will create the same problem like .Net C#, one language and only on Platform to hack it.... I know that you don't need it and Mono C# can be written with out an IDE, but i haven't got see anyone they will hack it in a simple Editor.

greetings Manchotix

I'd be surprised if Rust ever got an official IDE. Even Java doesn't really have that.

Yup, the IDE field is super fragmented, with no clear leader: There's SublimeText, Eclipse, MonoDevelop, IntelliJ, Atom, Emacs, Vim, and now even Visual Studio is a viable contender since it's now open source and multi platform.

There's now an official plan for IDEs too

If you take a look at that plan, it's not a plan for an official IDE, but a plan for adding features to the compiler to make it easier for other IDEs to get the information that they need.

The IDEs they are targeting are the ones that already have some form of support for Rust, but could use more detailed information from the compiler to provide more functionality. See also areweideyet.com for a chart on how complete the integration is with various different IDEs and editors.

The Rust project is not planning on developing an official IDE from scratch.