When Rust 2018 will be released


Any idea when stable Rust 2018 will be released, I aware it teaches beta niw.


From https://blog.rust-lang.org/2018/10/25/Rust-1.30.0.html :

Rust 1.31 will be the first release of “Rust 2018.”

From https://forge.rust-lang.org :

Rust 1.31 stable will be released on Fri Dec 07 2018.


That should be Thursday the 6th… unless we’re changing something I didn’t hear about.


It’s probably a timezone issue. The forge page basically just adds 6 weeks in JS to what I presume is midnight local time of the 1.5 release; in that regard it’s not 100% accurate to when we actually make releases.


So I am to understand Christmas is coming early this year? Better get the milk and cookies ready…