When my cargo get rocksdb, my whole os locked

When I add rocksdb in toml and wait to cargo get it , after many second whole os lock, i waiting even for 30 minutes but whole os lock and i forced to restart.
I tested it 5 times

My system :
Core i7
8G ram
Ununtu 20.4

Can you give us some more information on the problem?

In order to troubleshoot this, we'll probably need to know the contents of your Cargo.toml, which command you executed, and what output was printed to the screen before your system locked up.

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When I write rocksdb = "last version"
In toml ( i use vscode ) after saving page,
Very fast whole system lock without any information BUT one times,
I opened (htop) in terminal then add to toml ,
After few seconds I saw gcc compiler become active, and after closing all app even itself vscode , again locked os,
First i though that is heavy and gcc compiling it but last night I waiting for 30 minutes . after that , nothing changed and I forced to restart.

This was strange for me.

May it show information in vscode.output about this issue before locked ?! I dont check it yet

Please paste your Cargo.toml file or a link to the code on GitHub so we can see what else it contains and try to reproduce the issue locally.

Does this mean VS Code is the thing compiling your code and you aren't running cargo build from the command line? If so, do you have any plugins (e.g. rust-analyzer) which might be looking at the Cargo.toml file?

It might be that a VS Code plugin tried to build some C code used by the rocksdb crate and started so many expensive processes at the same time that your computer ran out of memory and started swapping to disk.

If it is an issue related to a VS Code extension, you can open VS Code with extensions disabled (use the Developer: Reload with extensions disabled command) or use their extension bisect tool.

You might also want to see if the issue persists on a different computer (e.g. more RAM or a Windows partition on your computer) to see if it is specific to your setup or something related to the rocksdb crate.

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Thanks for your helpful answer,
Yes i used rust analyzer in vscode ,
I just write a ricksdb in My toml,
I working to much with different library and i sure its correct

Then your means is : disable rust analyzer then add to toml and call cargo build,

After building complete again enable rust analyzer.

yes ?


thanks, it work .

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