What's the state of inheritance in Rust?


I’ve read lots of discussions about different ways to implement some kind of single inheritance in rust. Since I really like using OOP (with inheritance) to build my stuff, I’d love to see this feature in Rust. I think at least having the opportunity of single inheritance is really necessary for a language like Rust. Are there any specific plans on this? Are we going to see it pre 1.0?


In the corresponding rfc issue @huon commented:

we’d actually already postponed all discussion [about inheritance/efficient code reuse] to after 1.0 since we believe any changes/features we will add are backwards compatible and there’s a lot of more urgent (I.e. backwards incompatible) work that took priority.

So it looks like we won’t see it in 1.0 for better or worse.


Yes, that is accurate.

Also, remember, it’s not strictly ‘inheritance’: http://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/2j78oh/i_heard_that_rust_will_get_inheritance_soon_but/cl9261m