What's the relationship between version of rust and stdarch

Version of rust I means, in git repo GitHub - rust-lang/rust: Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software., has tag like 1.58.0.
But in git repo GitHub - rust-lang/stdarch: Rust's standard library vendor-specific APIs and run-time feature detection, I can't find tag named 1.58.0.
So what's the relationship between their version?
And if I want to build rust with tag 1.58.0 from source code, what version should I checkout in git submodules using by rust?(I found most submodules has tag like 1.58.0, but what should I do on repo like stdarch?)
Thanks a lot!

If you go to the library directory of the 1.58.0 tag, you can see that it's stdarch @ cfba59f as per this PR.

(N.b. you should use 1.58.1 instead of 1.58.0.)

You probably want the documentation here.

Thanks!!! :heart:

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