What's None::<usize> mean?

In match - Rust (rust-lang.org), there is "None::<usize>", what's that mean? Thanks!

let opt = Option::None::<usize>;
let x = match opt {
    Some(int) => int,
    None => 10,
assert_eq!(x, 10);

It's the same as let opt: Option<usize> = None;

The syntax is called turbofish. You can read about it more here


In addition to what @zynaxsoft wrote, one thing I like about turbofish syntax is that it, at least to me, somewhat more clearly illustrates that a None, when used with an Option<T>, is tied to the T. I.e. there isn't a single None, it's always a part of another type. (This is useful to know because one sometimes ends up in a situation where the compiler tells you it doesn't know what None is meant, and one needs to annotate it with the specific type).


It means the same thing as <Option<usize>>::None, but is how the type can be explicitly specified when the variant has already been imported.


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